Blog Reborn

Thursday, February 28, 2019

It has been a really long time since I have not written anything. I started my own blog 4 years ago and I have decided to start writing again.

There are several reasons behind it.

  • I am always trying to learn but lately I am taking some efforts to do it more consistently.
  • I want to have a place where I can put my notes.
  • Having them publicly available might help someone.
  • Improve my documentation and writing skills.

My interests and experience are different since I started writing my first blog posts and no matter I am expecting the blog to be mostly technical I might be posting about other topics.

My current technical interests are around algorithms, maths, security, linux, containers, kubernetes, cloud, python, go. My non-technical ones are more around practicing and learning to play the guitar, sporadically drawing, photography.

In the past I have been working as a software developer and leading small teams.

I am learning on all of the topics above and by no means I am an expert on any field.